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3-day tour of Capri

Capri Town offers you a tailor-made tour to see Capri in 3 days which features the best itineraries for a hands-on experience of all of the most distinctive nuances of one of the most picturesque islands in the world.



Departure at 10.30 am – 7 hours long tour


Explore the enchanting Capri from the sea! We can book an exciting boat tour for you and you will have the chance to discover the fascinating sea grottos scattered along the coast of the island. A truly memorable tour.


From the famous Grotta Azzurra to the mysterious Grotta Verde and the charming Grotta Champagne, each with its intriguing stories just waiting for you to witness.
Enjoy a unique lunch at La Conca Del Sogno or Lo Scoglio, the most alluring places on the beautiful Amalfi Coast, which we will be happy to book for you.


Cocktails on the terrace


Indulge yourself in Capritown’s exclusive lounge area and admire the enchanting vistas from our terrace while sipping a glass of fine wine or one of our handcrafted cocktails.


Your perfect evening begins here. Join us and immerse yourself in the most genuine essence of Capri from a privileged vantage point. Dinner is at Panorama, a restaurant celebrated for its views of the bay, traditional food and flawless service. Panorama restaurant is located near our establishment.



Begin your day with a relaxing morning walk in a fascinating natural setting. You will be immersed in the beauty of the surrounding nature with a short 30-minute walk.
Get energized by this short stroll!


Day at the beach


We will book “Lighthouse Lido” for you to treat you to a beach day that stretches up to its striking sunset.
A corner of paradise where you can enjoy the utmost relax, soaking up the sun rays and the blue Mediterranean Sea. Indulge yourself in pure pleasure.


The renowned La Capannina restaurant will be your setting for an amazing dinner. Here every dish is a celebration of Mediterranean flavors that delight the senses and make your evening truly special.


After dinner you can keep on partying at Taverna Anema e Core, Capri’s best-known nightclub. International celebrities are among this venue’s regular crowd in which travelers dance until dawn.



Anacapri with our local guide – 3-hour tour


Departure from Capritown at 10:30 am. Our local guide will take you to Anacapri by cab. You will climb a picturesque flight of steps that leads to Anacapri’s chairlift which will take you to Monte Solaro’s top in just 12 minutes. From the Mountain top you can enjoy a breathtaking postcard-perfect view encompassing the entire island.


Discover Anacapri’s very essence


After this extraordinary experience, you will take a leisurely stroll through Anacapri’s picturesque center and visit the famous Villa San Michele while discovering a treasure trove of culture and unspoiled nature.


Caprese Cuisine at its best


A delicious lunch break awaits you at Gelsomina Restaurant and Pool at midday. Your guide will take you to Anacapri’s town center to get the convenient shuttle service that brings you to the restaurant in just 10 minutes. At the restaurant you will be able to relax by the pool while enjoying authentic Caprese cuisine.

A dreamy night

Your last night on the island will be unforgettable.


You start off with cocktails at the Piazzetta, the beating heart of Capri, and then have a delicious dinner at the famous Lo Zaffiro Restaurant, which is located just a short stroll from the center.


Enjoy the matchless flair of Capri’s Dolce Vita and delight in an experience that you will cherish forever.