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Hiking in Capri

Exclusive excursions on the island Capri is a heaven for hiking enthusiasts. It

Capri is a heaven for hiking enthusiasts. It offers captivating excursions to explore the exclusive facets of the island’s nature.


Capri is sea, history and lush Mediterranean scrub. Several hiking trails crisscross charming landscapes leading to the discovery of unique environmental nuances where you can savor glimpses and images that you will cherish forever.

Capri Town

You can step into an idyllic and unspoiled world of nature at a stone’s throw from the Piazzetta’s elegant tables. We handpicked for you the best trails to hike through green landscapes and local scents.


Passetiello trail

A hiking trail that will enable you to reach Anacapri directly from the town center. This hike goes through towns and patches of woods where the nature’s peacefulness and gentle Mediterranean breeze kindle a sense of well-being.


Fortini trail

You will follow a scenic road that starts off in Anacapri and links the three Michelangelo, Tiberio and Materita seaside medieval strongholds. This hike features amazing panoramas of the cliffs overlooking the sea and of the surrounding islands.



Starting off from the top of Monte Solaro, Capri’s highest mountain, you can try your hand at a very spectacular hiking trail that runs down from the mountain ridge to Parco Filosofico park. Let yourself be enchanted by spectacular views with the Bay of Naples and the Amalfi Coast as a backdrop.


Villa Jovis

By taking a walking trail that is suitable for everyone, you can hike to Villa Jovis, home to the Roman emperor Tiberius while discovering some of the nooks and crannies that make Capri one of the most beautiful places in the world.


Pizzolungo trail

This is a hiking trail that runs along the Capri coastline brushing fascinating seascapes.
During the hike you can stop and cherish views of the imposing natural arch Arco Naturale, the Matermania Cave, the Faraglioni limestone pinnacles and the Belvedere of Punta Tragara lookout, from which you can experience the island’s true essence.